Games to play when you travel by bus

Long bus rides can be really boring at times. However, you need to figure out some ways that would help you get rid of this boredom. Often, you are compelled to travel alone and that is the time when you miss out all those gossips that you used to have with your friends and family. Although you do not have any old friend travelling with you, the time can easily fly away if you have got a few interesting games to play with the other passengers. Even though you have some acquaintances travelling with you, there comes a time when you feel like you have finished offering the gossips to each other. Now, it becomes almost impossible to stay quiet and things may come to an absolute standstill at this point. This will enhance your level of interaction with people who have been with you and your trip could be even more exciting.

Here are a few fun games that you can play on your next trip:-

  • The Memory game

This has been a game that is into play since a long span. One can play this game with practically anything. It is usually the hardest thing to do when you need to remember a random string of words. The rules of this game are absolutely simple. You can start it by recalling the signboard as you pass. You can play it among the co-passengers as well and when you have hit 15 – 20 signboards, things will become even more interesting.

  • Spelling Bee

If you are travelling with your children and want to teach them something new through during the course of your journey, you can play the game with your kids and help them learn a bit through it. You can even play it with your friends and makeup words as you travel. This will also help you to learn new words and strengthen your vocabulary. It would also enhance your pronunciation.

  • The Guess who I am’ Game

Mocking your friends is always a fun. You can pick a friend and start talking to him or her at random. You can behave like that person and act like him or her. Now, let your friends guess who the person is. The guessing part of this game is not the basic of your fun, rather it is all about how you act and see how well your friends know each other. Act real and you will find your friends breaking down with laughter.

  • Name that tune

If you have got friends, and most of them are music lovers, this will be the best game when you all have gathered together for the same trip. You may choose to start with a simple tune and allow your friends to guess the tune. You can even mix with 2 to 3 songs and make the tune even more subtle. The game will go well when your companions won’t be able to get the tune correctly.

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