Five Reasons why I love travelling

Travel experiences can yield the best lessons in one’s life. Often, we tend to remain dipped into our educational lessons and work schedules that we could hardly make time to go around the world and enjoy ourselves. Some love alone while others prefer to plan the trip with their friends and loved ones. When one is bored with the regular hectic life, it is always essential to move out and experience an awesome travelling session. This will not only help the person to regain the peaceful state of mind but would also enhance one’s will power and energy to focus on tasks after getting back from the trip. Moreover, travels are the best ways to get rid of our monotonous lives. We all have our own choices; some prefer travelling in solo while others want to plan the trip in groups.

Regardless of the location, here are some reasons that make me love travelling so much:-

  • A liberating feel

We can never be free all the time, but we need to make out some time of our normal schedule and execute the time in planning out the trip. This is something we have been doing to make ourselves happy. If you consider things are going messed up in your life and you need to figure out some leisure time in order to dedicate it to your parents, children, spouse and other family members.

  • A renewed appreciation within yourself

Plan a trip away from your city life and do whatever you want, and do things as often as you want. All you need to answer is yourself, and you will be getting back with piles of memories and fun time.

  • No drama

It shall be your adventure, and you can plan or customise the trip just as you want it to be. In the trip, you would need anyone to interfere with your plans. Neither would be anyone to sabotage your plans. If at all, you don’t need drama, you can plan a solo trip. This will help you get rid of all sorts of insignificant things in your life and avoid an argument which is quite common in group travels.

  • Meeting new and exciting people

Even though it is not easy to be social, you must never fail to notice those amazing people around you. You may either choose to share a drink or a conversation with one another. There is nothing like hooking up with guys, but rather it is more about connecting with people and have a good time and learning from others’ stories.

  • New sights and unfamiliar food

Travelling pushes one to the edge where the person is compelled to open the eyes and see things that you have never seen before in your life. Trips help one plop into a different culture where you get to taste new food and your taste buds come alive for you have been tired of eating the same food again and again.


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