All you ever wondered about Mont Blanc


The highest mountain in the Alpine Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc, Monte Bianco, White Mountain) connects France and Italy. The peak of the mountain itself (4807 m) is in France. The Swiss border is also close to 18 km from the hotel. But this straight coup can be overcome only by air. The closest Mont Blanc motorway from France and Italy is about 6-7 miles from Switzerland, 23 km from Switzerland.

True, closer (about 4.5 km to the top of the hill) is another path that does not see any natural beauty while driving. This is the 11.6-km-long Mont Blanc tunnel. The Mont Blanc Tunnel The history of the construction of the Mont Blanc tunnel began in 1959 and lasted six years. It was decided to build the tunnel due to the fact that the low (3365 m) in this region, crossing the road, proved to be uneconomic. Although the tunnel is named after the largest alpine hill, it falls below 3842 m in height on Aiguille du Midi. Above the tunnel is a 2480-m layer of rock.


The first cars began to run on the shortest route from France to Italy in 1965. There was a terrible tragedy after 34 years. In 1999, in the collision of trucks, a huge fire broke out in the tunnel of Mont Blanc, killing 44 people. The tunnel was closed, repaired, and equipped with a new ventilation system. After a three-year break in spring 2002, the Mont Blanc tunnel was allowed to drive cars. The French protested not wanting to hit the air in the tunnel with trucks. However, the votes of the population were not taken into account by the protesters, mostly in the local Chamonix town and its surroundings, and in summer of the same year tunnels were also allowed for heavy traffic.

Nowadays, the Mont Blanc tunnel closes at night and preventive maintenance is carried out. It is informed in advance. 2003 In autumn several drivers were poisoned by him and the tunnel for several days was closed for inspection. To diagnose a gigantic, arterial membrane of the mountains is really complicated, as more than 2 million cars pass through the tunnel during the year. The car rides on the Mont Blanc tunnel for 30 euros.


The story of the conquest of the mountain started in 1760. HB Saussure, the naturalist from Geneva, had promised the first prize to the summit of Mont Blanc. Several local people tried to get up, but unsuccessfully. In 1776, Jalalma’s mountain guide spent the night high in the mountains on the way to Mont Blanc, and showed that the White Mountain could be overcome for two days with overnight stays. Ten years later, in 1786, such a plan was implemented. On the 7th of August, after leaving Shamoni town, J.Balmath and local doctor M.G.Paccard reached the summit the following day. It was a major turning point in the history of the mountain peaks.

After a year after two brave trips to Mont Blanc, in 1787, HBSaussure, the author of the great conquests of the great mountain challenge, climbed to Mont Blanc with a group of 18 guys. Apleck Mont Blanc. It was not possible to drive Mont Blanc by car to the French and Italian mountains Roads need to be fired at a distance of 170 km and the Mont Blanc tunnel should hit. Without a tunnel, you will have to go to Switzerland and take a 320 km distance. That might be pretty boring to do, so check some games to play on phone while you are on the road. Or just stare through the windows: this picturesque mountain path passes through the Little Saint Bernard Pass (Coldu PetitSaintBernard, italian Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo) connecting Italy and France.

It is not difficult to move from Italy to the 2188 m high M. Saint Bernard Passage. A good road makes it much easier to drive through the abundance of whipped serpentines. Having arrived in France, there is a fundamentally different environment (not nature, which is equally beautiful in both countries): the narrow road is torn, it is separated from the gorges only by the “barracks” of the flowers.

It seems that the important trans-Alpine route that served for the year 2000 has been little improved (except for the paved asphalt pavement) since ancient Roman times. However, knowing that these areas with their elephants in the 3rd century BC. The harbor of Carthage, the Hannibal ruler of the Cartagena, spans over the Alps, who decided to drive the Romans from the north, should be more entertaining. The western European giant Mont Blanc is very visible for a few tens of kilometers on a sunny day, and its array is even a few hundred kilometers away.

However, you need to look at other mountains or crossroads. Mont Blanc, for the first time, stands on the Arau crossing for the first time since the departure of the Upper Savoy Department of Anesi (Annecy), from a large number of observation sites, so-called balconies or other panoramic spots in three Alpine countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland. which is a 32 km long straight view of the White Mountain. The Aravi crossing elevation is 1487 m, there are no snow in the summer, the bells of the crows are walking along the road.

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