5 tourist mistakes in Berlin

The bright and distinctive German capital is one of the most popular European cities among tourists. Avoid common mistakes, and then Berlin will remember you only from the best side.

Experiencing fate in criminal areas

criminal tourism

Unfortunately, the criminal districts of the German capital are not only the outskirts, but also popular streets among tourists. For example, Alexanderplatz, one of the central squares of the city, has the reputation of the most dangerous place in Berlin: almost every day there are thefts, and in the dark and robbery, there is a high risk of suffering in a street fight.

Try to visit the square only during the day and only in the company. Among other dangerous “evening” places – the parks Gerlitzer and Kleine Tiergarten, where the drug dealers and their clientele are mistaken, as well as the Kurf├╝rstenstrasse – the local street of red lanterns.

Hurrying up to the TV Tower

berlin tv tower

To climb to the very top of the Berlin TV tower is only in clear weather and only if you do not mind the time that will have to spend in the queue to rise. It will be insulting, waiting for his turn a couple of hours and paying 13 euros for a trip on an elevator to the top of the tower, see Berlin in the fog.

If you are hunting for spectacular views of the German capital from a bird’s eye view, it is better to choose one of the many restaurants located on the last buildings of multi-storey business centers.

Spending a lot on traveling

berlin tourism

One trip by public transport in Berlin, whether it be a subway, train or bus, depending on the zone, will cost you a little – at least 2.7 euros. For those who plan to actively move around the city every day, looking to all museums and landmarks, it makes sense to purchase special tourist passes. For example, the Berlin WelcomeCard at a cost of 19.5 euros offers not only an unlimited number of transport trips for two days, but also discounts on the entrance to a number of museums, theaters and restaurants.

There are also simple transport tickets, without additional options: Tageskarte for a day, valid in three zones of Berlin, costs only 7 euros. By commuting you can save tons of money that you could spend a lot better, for example, visiting more museums or playing free mobile pokies on the way back from Berlin.

Not planning excursion to the Reichstag in advance


A number of government buildings in many countries of the world are open for visits by ordinary people. You can see the Berlin Reichstag from the inside, but you cannot just go there. Visiting is possible only as part of an organized excursion, to which it is desirable to make an appointment in advance.

Free one and half hour tours of this building are conducted from 9/00 to 20.006 times a day, with a limited number of days a year. You can get acquainted with the schedule of excursions and sign up on the website of the Bundestag. Under the dome of the Reichstag you can get and without any excursion, if you book a table in the restaurant located there.

Rushing on penalties

berlin penalties

Even seemingly insignificant misdemeanours in Berlin are subject to fines, the payment of which can significantly ease the purse, and ignoring – lead to problems with entry to Germany in the future.

The penalty for a fare on the subway is 40 euros, and even the honest passenger who bought the ticket will have to pay it, but forgot to punish him at the entrance to the subway. Money collection also punishes the transition of the road to red and in the wrong place.

Fines are waiting for those who decided to swim in the Berlin Spree – you can not swim in German rivers, and also organize picnics in the park, where it is prohibited, or throw cigarette butts past the urn.

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